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Florel en Provence:
a french savoir faire

Florel en Provence is a family held company, based in Provence. We offer, since 1989, one of the wider range of high quality and organic products: Romon Nature (herbal teas), Plantasia (Exceptional teas), Florel (infusions) and Provence d'Antan (seasonings & infusions).

The respect of human beings, nature and local products represent our philosophy, passion and convictions.


a lifestyle choice

The organic farming is a production mode certified make every effort to safeguard the environment. Organic famers apply methods based on recycling natural organic matter and crop rotations. 

To obtain the organic label, Florel en Provence products have Ecocert control, certifying organization approved by the Minsitry of Agriculture. This rigorous controls apply to all the sector: farmers, Producers and distributors.