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ARAQUELLE SAS was founded in 1986 by its current CEO, Philippe Petit. For the past 30 years, the company has built its business on plant-based products,
and in particular organic products. As a result, the company has developed four main brands which compose the Araquelle catalog.


    Creating herbal teas and infusions since 1989, Romon Nature is a concentration of experience and expertise. Our challenge continues to be to increase the quality of and develop sustainable French commerce in order to always offer you the highest quality teas possible.

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    Finesse and authenticity is our motto. A broad range of organic tisanes, organic aromatic herbs, organic spices and salts designed to provide an explosion of flavours.

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    Incomparable flavours and exceptional aromas. Organic luxury for the most demanding tea lovers. THE PEARL OF THE INFUSION.

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    We make no compromises in our effort to offer you a fantastic, exceptional collection. Discover our selection of 11 vintages, 100% organic and certified “French Origin Guarantee”.


The quality (appearance and taste) of the Bio plants used is the first criterion of selection, it guarantees the satisfaction of all our customers. Since its creation, the company has multiplied its sources of supply, especially in Provence and Drôme Provençale. Annual crop contracts guarantee sufficient tonnages for the manufacture of the various products in our catalog. A predominantly French culture, which leads to a higher price of production that we assume and claim in relation to competition.

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    Today ARAQUELLE is one of the largest buyers of organic plants in France, particularly in the region of Provence. The growth of its purchase volumes has enabled organic growers to convert more terrain to organic farming. Provence is expected to double its arable land used for organic farming! cultivating 30 different types of plants over more than 100 hectares. No European aid is allocated to this venture—the prices are negotiated based on fairly remunerating the labour of the farmer. It represents healthy agriculture free of pesticides, chemical treatments and synthesis, yielding a product which is natural and guaranteed 100% organic.

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    We are a wholly family-owned business, without any outside shareholders. For us, organic is not just a business, it is our passion, born of a firm conviction. In addition to its economic role, ARAQUELLE also provides jobs for roughly 50 disabled persons through four employment centres. Aromatic herbs, in particular, are packaged in these indoor workshops, providing steady work all year long.

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    ARAQUELLE has set up, with its producers, a set of specifications ensuring a final product of quality. The traceability is total, from the cultivation to the packaging of the finished product. A batch number identifies the producer of each plant and the year of collection. Controls: the Bio guarantee and traceability are provided by ECOCERT, a certification body approved by the Ministry of Agriculture. ARAQUELLE imposes additional controls: content of essential oils, appearance, color and perfume of each plant. But also microbiological analyzes and checks on possible traces of pesticide residues.


Technical data sheets, elaborated according to a precise specification ensure a production of very high quality.

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    The selection of species and varieties for each plot is made based on its soil and climate.

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    To ensure exceptional purity of crops, plots of land must be cleared of all weeds. Manual and mechanical weeding is therefore done regularly, eliminating the need for the pesticides used in traditional agriculture which pollute the soil and groundwater.

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    Natural fertilizers, compost and crushed plants provide the necessary mineral elements needed by plants for their optimum and natural growth, unlike chemical and synthesized products.

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    Proper water management is ensured through sustainable irrigation policies, which reduce irrigation as much as possible (allowing vegetation to recover), to allow the land to maximize its content of essential oils.

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    Key element of the aromatic power of our plants Bio. Cutting periods are adapted according to species, varieties, soil and climate for each cultivated plot.

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    After harvest, the plants are dried slowly and evenly in drying equipment on the premises which ensures all aromas are preserved and the plant is protected from any bacterial growth.

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    Threshing is an essential phase of the product development process, removing dust, foreign elements, earth and stones.

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    There are over 30 different sieves used to sift each plant. The choice of sieves is made based on each species and plant variety. The sieve’s vibrations serve to remove any remaining impurities. After sifting, only the beneficial part of the plant is preserved.

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    In addition to our plants’ appearance, colour, fragrance and content in essential oils, their uniformity and consistency are major criteria in terms of quality. A cut that is slightly coarse allows us to obtain infusions free of dust and impurities..

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    Our experience and expertise ensure our ability to offer an optimum combination of plant active ingredients—key to the effectiveness of our products. Each infusion is an innovation that delivers a unique moment of balance and well-being. Further proof that nature holds the secrets to our future.


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    The drop pouch, the infusion pearl ™ A hand-crafted, hand-crafted nylon biodegradable (corn-based) nylon with a unique shape that leaves room for the leaves to unfold. To find the quality of a traditional tea ready to taste.

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    The patented process HTVE (High Technology Vegetal Extract) is a 100% French innovation: a totum extraction of plants without addition of support, 100% Organic. Concentrated active ingredients for more active formulations and better assimilation.

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    The honeycomb sachet is a hollow pocket, which offers better diffusion thanks to its microperforations. It remains as solid and allows an optimal tasting. Biodegradable, its over-envelope is in cellophane recyclable.

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    Our range of herbs, spices and salts is endowed with the first bottle in PLA 100% VEGETAL of the French market. The dosing cap is also made of recycled and recyclable material.


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    Issued by Ecocert, the famous label "Organic Farming" guarantees the respect of a precise specification on the methods of agriculture and the respect of the sustainable development.

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    This rare yet precious label certifies the French origin of a product. This means that for our herbal teas, from the cultivation of plants to the printing of packaging and product packaging, everything is done in France.

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    The Fairtrade label guarantees that the product has been grown and marketed in compliance with social, economic and environmental criteria.


Florel en Provence was developed to offer exclusively the entire panel. Our first boutique was opened in Isle sur la Sorgue in Vaucluse in April 2014. It was thought as a real sensory experience in which we evolve between traditional cuisine, well-being spheres, discovery of teas by scents, and bar To tisane for the tastings.

Our stores

Our stores

Our shops in Isle sur la Sorgue and Paris (5e) offer you a sensory experience in which you will evolve between traditional cuisine, spheres of well-being, discovery of teas by scents, and tisane bar for tastings.