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CUBE box 4 teas

This product is no longer in stock


A tea filled with 4 surprise blendings for 4 times more pleasure!

These mixtures have been selected for their fruity, bold and original tastes to be savored hot or ice-cold, as you wish.

Sun Fruits: Find the good flavors of apple, grape, fig, peach and apricot: an ideal sweet pleasure in the morning.

Inescapable wood berries: acidulated and in the color ruby, for a moment warm in after noon.

A classic of the infusion: the licorice-mint has the beautiful part with its woody and fresh taste, perfect after meal.

Let you be surprised by the originality of the Kola herbal tea, invigorating and spicy plants.

Brewing time
4-5 min
Sweet BreakCan be enjoyed Ice cold