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Liver Well Being


Ideal for accelerating digestion and reducing bloating after copious meals or excessive alcohol. This herbal tea can be used as well in cure as in a punctual way.

Green anise stimulates digestion.

Artichoke and rosemary maintain the proper functioning of the liver and biliary functions, and facilitate digestion.

Lemon thyme brings a lemony flavour to this delicious tisane.

Did you know? Consider organic lemon in your tea! Lemon has many virtues, and is toning, antioxidant and healing. It strengthens the natural defences of the body thanks to its antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

A daily health habit: 2 slices of organic lemon in your tisane. Let steep 8-10 minutes before drinking.

Brewing time
4-5 min
After Meal4 to 5 hebal teas per day